Terrain Fundamentals Class

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Learn SketchUp and Terrain Fundamentals from Cadman. The class introduces students to practical applications of terrain modeling using lines, curves, and triangulation methods. This SketchUp online  class teaches you different methods of manipulating curves and surfacesin 3D space through use of the rotate tool, piano hinge method, and the perimeter profile method. You will learn several methods of creating 3 Dimensional relief surfaces and learn to combine free form terrain surfaces with hard surfaces such as stairs, retaining walls and sidewalks. 

You will be taught the use of the Sandbox Tools (by SketchUp) and the Sandbox Bonus Tools (by Cadman).

This is an advanced “how to use SketchUp” hands-on modeling class thatrequiresone month previous experience with modeling in SketchUp. Minimum prerequisite is the Basic SketchUp Training course or equivalent 

We offer several other public classes or we can tailor a class to your specific questions and needs.

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