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The future of goose hunting!

 Grandpa Goose features:

- Natural motion
- Lightweight
- Compact
- Quick & easy setup
- Easily transported
- High visibility

Decoys like you’ve never seen before- extremely light weight, easily transported and quick to set up in the field.

These revolutionary decoys utilize the natural breezes where you hunt to give them life-like flapping and shuffling motion. Get the equivalent of an entire field of mojos tm without batteries, gears or noise!

Several dozen decoys can easily fit in one 24"x30" sack, doing away with the need for huge canvas bags, hauling trailers or ATV’s to get you into the field.




Goose hunting as you've
known it, two guys, 12 decoys...

The future of hunting
with Grandpa Goose decoys...
One guy, 48 decoys  

 RM Outdoors llc is the manufacturer and distributor of the innovative new Grandpa Goose decoy. See how they work. This is a motion silhouette decoy that is designed to catch the breeze and cause random motion among your set of decoys in the field. Watch these decoys in action.

These new silhouette decoys benefit from natural breezes, imparting motion to every decoy in the set. They also have very high visibility being seen from much greater distances than standard full body decoys.

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