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  SketchUp Training
 calvin_hobbes  What: Half day SketchUp training.

 This event will allow users to attend a half day of training for each class to get them up to speed in using SketchUp software efficiently. These are hands-on classes.  

You do not need to own a copy of SketchUp to attend the classes. The free public version of SketchUp is available at www.sketchup.com. You must bring a computer with SketchUp already loaded on it. All participants will actually be using the software during the entire class.

 Participants must be proficient in use of a mouse and computer files.


Landscape Class Pricing: 

$250 Basic Training  (prerequisite: none)

$250 Site Planning  (prerequisite: Basic SketchUp modeling knowledge)

$275 3D Terrain Modeling in SketchUp   (prerequisite: good grasp of SketchUp modeling) 

Office rate: $195 per person for 3 or more people, at your office 
Multiple class discount available (when taking 2 or 3 classes)

On-line schedule  

    ** Call 303.421.4562 or email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to register. 


On-line trainings  


Full day of training  at your office by appointment

  Basic Training    (syllabus
  Intermediate Training   (syllabus

or Experienced User Training (any advanced topic(s) of your choice.)


1. You should be proficient in using a computer (Windows or Mac OS) and a scroll wheel mouse.
      - saving and opening files
      - navigating to folders and files in windows or Mac
      - clicking, dragging, and moving the mouse

2. You must bring your computer with SketchUp installed (the free version is fine for the class) and a mouse with a scroll wheel. SketchUp must be loaded on your computer (download from https://www.sketchup.com/download/all)


$250 Basic Training

$250 Intermediate Training 

 $275 Experienced User Training

  To reserve your seat(s), call (303) 421-4562 to verify availability

Then please remit payment by check to: Cadman Inc  15528 Navajo St, Broomfield, CO 80023

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